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Students in Need Gift Card drive

Its A New Year

Unfortunately that means there are more students in need.
We had a successful Drive last Year and our community has shown me how much they really do care about our Kids in our community.

So here I am again asking My Awesome community to step up again and Donate any amount. Every card goes to our Students I have counselors and teachers coming in buying for our kids and we have almost used every gift card I had.

Last Year You (the community) Donated over $1000 in gift cards and we have put shoes on kids feet with every card.
In these tougher times I know $ is tight but imagine how much harder it is for these families as well.

Again Any Amount Is graciously accepted Every Penny counts!

I Thank You All In Advance For Helping Me Make a Students Mind Focused On their Future And To help Them To Be Generous in their Hearts By Leading Them By Example They Are Only Going To Be As Good As We Show Them With our Examples of Kindness, Generosity and Of Course Faith In All Things Great!

A Great Leader Is One Who Rolls Up Their Sleeves And Leads By Example.

Thank You,
Stephanie Irvin
Store Manager
Shoe Sensation 145
Marion NC