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Arrest Made in June 11 vehicle break-ins

Marion Police Department 


270 South Main Street Marion, North Carolina 28752 (828) 652-5205 • Fax (828) 652-2977 


Allen Lawrence, Chief of Police 


During the weekend of June 11, 2022 a number of vehicles in residential areas of the downtown were broken into. Of the 17 vehicles involved, all were left unlocked, which allowed the offender immediate access to the contents. Sgt. Matt Huggins received information from one of the 14 victims which led him to a person who had purchased an item from the suspect. During this encounter information was obtained that the item had been purchased from Josh Chilcote (34yoa W/M), and where he could be found

Sgt. Huggins made contact with Chilcote and while speaking with him, it was determined that property in his possession was consistent with items removed from the vehicles 

te was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property. Chilcote was placed in the custody of the McDowell County Jail under a $25,000 bond

Sgt. Rick Gutierrez was assigned this case for investigation and after collaborating with Sgt. Huggins and speaking with Chilcote, Sgt. Gutierrez charged him with the following crimes

17 counts of Breaking and Entering (Motor Vehicle) 2 counts of Felony Larceny 2 counts of Felony Breaking and Entering 15 counts of Misdemeanor Larceny 

Chilcote received an additional $116,000 secured bond and remains in the custody of the McDowell County Jail

Some of the items taken from these crimes were retrieved from a location that Chilcote was occupying. In total $5,506 of reported property was taken in these incidents, and $2,343 in property was recovered

A large amount of unclaimed property is still being held at the Marion Police 

If you have been a victim of a vehicle breakin prior to the weekend of June 11, 2022, and have had property taken, please contact Sgt. Rick Gutierrez at 828652 5205 to speak with him

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