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Book Mobile coming to McDowell County Library

Connecting Communities
Bookmobile arrives at local library

From the McDowell County Public Library
After many months of planning and building, the McDowell County Library Bookmobile has
arrived in an effort to serve more people in McDowell County.

A ribbon cutting was held recently to commemorate the arrival of the vehicle with county
commissioners, the county manager, library director Marlan Brinkley and library staff.
“The bookmobile is a community experience, it connects people, and opens worlds through
literacy and access to information. This could not have been possible without the support of our
county commissioners and grant funding from the State Library. Thanks to their support the
public library will be able to bring a variety of resources, services and programs to all corners of
the community,” said Brinkley.

The Bookmobile is a direct result of the library working to accomplish three goals: support
access to county and community services; provide library services to people from all walks of
life; and expand awareness of what the public library has to offer.

The Bookmobile will of course feature books, but will also have audiobooks, DVDs, magazines
and CDs. The bookmobile will also provide wifi when possible. It will have four laptops
available for patrons to use as well as a printer and copier. You must have a library card to take
advantage of checking out items from the Bookmobile.

Currently, the library staff are working to create a schedule of stops in the area by partnering
with the Foothills Food Hub. The library will select three days out of the week to set up stops at
the same time they are distributing food. Once Covid levels start to decrease, more stops will be
planned. Future stops include schools, Head Start, community forums, as well as local festivals,
parades and community celebrations.

Until Covid levels go down, patrons are not allowed on the Bookmobile at this time. When the
level becomes more manageable, patrons will have access to a wheelchair lift so the
bookmobile will be accessible to everyone. In the meantime, staff will have materials on carts
and will be able to bring them outside so the public can browse them safely.

The Bookmobile was made possible by a $100,000 LIbrary Servces and Technology Act grant
from the North Carolina State Library in 2019. McDowell County provided the remaining
amount, which is estimated to be about $64,000. The vehicle was purchased from Matthews
Special Vehicles in Greensboro.

For more information, visit mcdowellpubliclibrary.org or call the Marion Branch at 652-3358 or
Old Fort Branch at 668-7111.