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Fire & Ice Jewelry, with Frank and Claudia



As you all know, your favorite local radio station is well known for giving Mcdowell County the best giveaways as well as good music on the daily. When we take a small break from giveaways, we have a tendency to hit the town and casually explore the wonders of Marion. I’m sure you or someone you know has spotted Our 103.9 PT Cruiser galavanting everywhere from Bantam Chef to Lucky Strike Gold & Gem Mine to Jewelry Connection. On Thursday, March 24th we set out yet again on another adventure to the famous Fire & Ice Jewelry. During our visit, we got to meet up with owners Frank and Claudia and got some good insight on navigating the jewelry world. Here is what they had to say.

Tell me how this business came to be, and how long you have had it?

We’ve been here about twenty years in Marion. The name Fire and Ice is the trade off of the fire from the pawnshop and the ice from the jewelry shop , so we merged the two together and came up with the very creative name.

I saw over there you have something called estate jewelry. What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is pre owned, pre loved things that were either bought over the counter, bought from local estates, or retrieved from the pawn system. Basically they’re the most value for the dollar because you’re buying things that are less than the retail value plus you get some really unique pieces from the past that you can’t find in today’s markets. This is why we consider ourselves a one-stop shop, in the aspect that we have a little something for everyone.

For newcomers who want to shop for jewelry but don’t necessarily know what to look for when it comes to pearls and diamonds, how would they go about that here? 

You have to have trust and have confidence in who you’re dealing with. We are bringing almost forty years of experience to the playing field. As a result of that, we are well established in town here. Our Google ratings speak for themselves. There are no wrong questions. You could come in and say, “Well listen, I have x amount of dollars to spend for this special occasion”, or “I’m looking for a little something to make me feel better, a pick me up” and we can then point you in the right direction. 

What is your opinion on the modern online shopping craze, with people going to fast fashion sites to buy jewelry, what should they be on the lookout for?

The most important thing is how it’s represented, and I’m going to say 9 out of 10 pieces that we see that have been purchased online, that come in, are not as they were represented. Too many times you get involved with something on screen that looks fantastic thinking, “This was an unbelievable bargain” and then when it arrives you go “I didn’t order that, you know this isn’t the way it was presented to me.” It’s like anything else, you have to have faith in who you deal with, and know who you are associating with. The whole key is to be able to touch it, feel it, and look at it. You know apples are apples, and oranges are oranges, and if your going to buy an apple at an orange price, then there is a reason.

Last question: how do you know the difference between actual gold when it comes to plating, same as silver?

You can’t until you get it and have it looked at. Again it’s back to the old story, you have to know who you’re dealing with and you have to have recourse. I mean you know you get that package in the mail and your like “I can’t wait to try this on” and a couple days down the road the plating starts wearing off. You get back online and it’s like “well geez the company doesn’t even exist anymore, or they changed”. That’s what happens a lot, they are here today and gone tomorrow. They’ll market something and only be there for a couple weeks and then they evaporate, and then unfortunately you will be out of your hard earned money.